Good quality cymabls!!! A pair of AAX Sabian 14" Stage Hi-Hats and a Zildjian 20" A custom ride cymbal for sale. Both cymbals are in awesome condition; like new. They both are really nice sounding cymbals with brighter tones with good stick articulation. They were both purchased at the same time a couple years ago but, now leaving to pursue music internationally and have no need for their sound and exploring other cymbal sounds before I leave. I take really good care of them, cleaning regularly, no cracks or dents anywhere including around the edges and bell. I play a variety of styles of music and so they don't take too much of a beating, like I said their like brand new and their sound isn't what I am looking for anymore. Asking $275 for the ride and $250 for the hats. No sense in paying more for brand new ones when these ones are $100 dollars less, same quality and condition. You can look up these cymbals on the internet/youtube to hear them as well as see their quality compared to other brands, etc. Need gone ASAP!